Bleeding Hands and Naked Souls

The conflict between needing to open up and having to protect yourself brings fatal consequences in contemporary urban life.

Kate Miller, one of the main characters of Dressed to Kill, is feeling lost, confused and dissatisfied with normal family life. Until she sees an angel in the form of the hand of a mysterious man, luring her into a taxi appropriately branded as ANGELO. An imaginative riff on De Palma’s popular Paradise motif.

When the woman finds out that her wedding ring is missing, she feels exposed, guilty and threatened. Which is a compassionate build-up for one of the greatest suspense sequences, caught on film.

The bloody mess of the elevator murder climaxes with three persons’ hands reaching together and almost touching. This is an intersection of characters that defines the film’s search for undressed humanity in the big anonymous city.

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  1. Jerry says:

    This one sounds like a really thriller…

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