Every Man for Himself »

1990s, Corruptor, Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes is set in an isolated environment, which acts as a micro-version of the world we live in. There we see people relentlessly chasing after their dreams, even if it means stomping over their brothers and sisters.

Superhuman Holding on »

1990s, Mission: Impossible, Thriller

The magic trick with the hands, drawing and hiding the disk, is a display of supreme confidence in the hero’s own abilities. Which is just about all that he has left.

Turning the Valves of Society »

1990s, Satirist, The Bonfire of the Vanities

The famous “Steam Control” scene exposes it all.

Hand-made Proof on Spy TV »

1990s, Mission: Impossible, Thriller

Bloody arms shown on TV (video transmitter) are used for proof about a dramatic event. Like the manipulated news on mass media.