Scarred Possession »

1980s, Corruptor, Scarface

Scarface shows what success means in his adopted country: people trying to snatch as much as they can handle. And even more.

A Handful of Yeyo »

1980s, Corruptor, Scarface

De Palma’s over-the-top violence is exhilarating, because it’s true. Latin America is the playground of savage violence, funded by US dollars. Scarface brings it home.

The World Is in Your Hands »

1980s, Corruptor, Scarface

Scarface has the most colourful cast of sleazy characters since the spaghetti westerns. They are irresistible caricatures who wave their oversized hands around. A lot.

Every Man for Himself »

1990s, Corruptor, Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes is set in an isolated environment, which acts as a micro-version of the world we live in. There we see people relentlessly chasing after their dreams, even if it means stomping over their brothers and sisters.

The Eyes Close-up »

1980s, Casualties of War, Corruptor

In US political reality, the eyes (shown in a shattering closeup) are a voiceless witness and the lost conscience.