Weak Grasp of a Strong Scream »

1980s, Blow Out, Thriller

Fate seemed to be in Jack’s hands, but he couldn’t hold on to it. Because he counts on exact technology in a world where things are swayed by human “error” – or something more sinister.

Bleeding Hands and Naked Souls »

1980s, Dressed to Kill, Thriller

The conflict between needing to open up and having to protect yourself brings fatal consequences in contemporary urban life.

Superhuman Holding on »

1990s, Mission: Impossible, Thriller

The magic trick with the hands, drawing and hiding the disk, is a display of supreme confidence in the hero’s own abilities. Which is just about all that he has left.

Hand-made Proof on Spy TV »

1990s, Mission: Impossible, Thriller

Bloody arms shown on TV (video transmitter) are used for proof about a dramatic event. Like the manipulated news on mass media.