Scarred Possession

Scarface shows what success means in his adopted country: people trying to snatch as much as they can handle. And even more.

An ethereal shot is presented when Tony is back from the dead and puts his bloody, disfigured hand on her satin bedsheets. This is almost like The Beauty and the Beast, but transformed as far away from fairy tales as possible and thrust into a cynical world. He takes what he needs without feeling or remorse.

In the first dance at the Babylon, Elvira does look like a pink flamingo, but she’s not going to fly. She will be later rudely interrupted when Tony is distracted by the flamingos on screen, mistaking them for pelicans.

His sister shows that only she can be the master of herself, which goes directly against everything that Tony the conqueror stands for. He has drifted too far from his own kin and the psycho-sexual trauma finally gets to him. He can get away from anything, except from himself.

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